Thursday, 28 August 2014

Don't Worry! Be Happy!

So it has been a week since Paul was made redundant.  Now while most people would go into a state of absolute panic at the thought of being without a steady income, and while I know I "should" be going into panic mode and worrying where the next penny will come from.  I simply am not.  No I am not insane, no matter how many times I say I am being sent insane by my son, I must sadly admit that I am as sane as the next person.  What I am is a very happy woman!  How many women can say that they have a roof over their heads, food in the fridge, freezer and cabinets, and has a loving and wonderful husband to spend their days with?  Probably a few women here will be able to say that same thing. But how many can say they don't worry about where their next dollar will come from or how to pay the bills?  Not many and that is a sad state of affairs for humans as a whole.

I know you are sitting there wondering why I am not worrying.  Well it is simple, worry will get you nothing but a pain in the gut.  Worry doesn't fix anything, worry doesn't get you anything and worry ruins an otherwise pleasant day with your loved ones.

Money isn't really an issue. No I am not wealthy, no I don't have a million dollars sitting in the bank somewhere.  What I do have, is my rent paid for the next 6 months, electricity and phone likewise paid for the next 4 months, and best of all food in our cabinet and freezers to feed a small army.  I planned, I don't like surprises.  I saw what was happening where he worked and heard the rumors and went with them.  I filled my cabinets, and deep freezer. I planned for an emergency and hoped for the best.  Then when he did get his redundancy, we planned out exactly what we would do with the money.  Sure the amount of cash would make some people go on a spending spree. But instead we paid our bills in advance.  Instead of going out and buying stuff we didn't need, we did the responsible thing and paid for Connor's educational needs, paid our rent in advance, and paid for what bills we knew dollar amounts for in advance.  Thereby taking the pressure off of us to worry about where the next dollar would come from.

Now mind you we aren't broke, we aren't going to suffer at all, because I still have a steady income coming in.  Sure it isn't as much as Paul made working, but it is enough to keep us comfortable, and enough for us to still be able to plan vacations and trips.  It is enough to keep our family not just floating but thriving.

Why am I posting this you may be asking, the answer to that is a simple one, if you worry, you will miss out on all the opportunities that arise every single day.  Like that email from an old friend, or the laughter on your child's face as they spend the day with their father.  You miss out on living! And that, that is what life is all about isn't it?  So please... Live, Love, and LAUGH!  Don't worry so much about where your money comes from, just enjoy it when you have it.  Don't worry so much about the little things, its all those little things that add up to the big joys in life.

Blessed Be!

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