Wednesday, 3 September 2014

The Body of a Goddess!!!

Now most of you don't know this about me, but when I was a child I LOVED to sing and act.  Now the funny thing is that I had some major parts in some really great theater shows.  I played Danny in Grease, The Scarecrow in the Wiz, and the Father in the Sound of Music.  Hmmm notice a funny trend there don't you? I played male rolls.  Now I must admit that my voice is okay, nothing super special, at least it never made me any money. But it is good enough to get some nice applause the times we go out to sing Karaoke.  But trust me I have never been confused about my sexual orientation. I may have been all boy growing up, but I was also always a GIRL.

Sure people would call me names like dyke or fag, and since I was flat chested until I was basically an adult, I never had the boys crazy in love with me.  What I did have were boys as friends, boys as sports mates, and boys whom I loved in secret. I was teased incessantly for being flat chested. I was teased about my style of clothing, I chose comfort over style.  I was teased about loving sports and being on all the different sports teams. 

So that all being what it was, you would think that I would be very insecure about who I am now. Well I am not.  I am a plus sized woman, who has beautiful and youthful skin, but is marked by the birthing of three gorgeous girls.  I still wear a bikini and proudly show my body.  Because I KNOW there are worse things than being a size 18.  I KNOW that life is cruel, life is hard, and that being perfect is a fallacy.  My body has granted me the ability to bring three wonderful lives into this world, but it has also seen some horrible things happen.  My body is strong enough to climb a mountain, but weak enough to curl up in a little ball when the world is closing in around me.  My body was strong enough to sustain me through the loss of my precious angels, and strong enough to be there for my children and husband during their suffering or growing.

Why am I posting this, you may be sitting there asking.  And the answer is simple. I was listening to a few songs on youtube today and it really struck me how many woman are joining the crusade to help other women feel good about themselves.  How many musical talents are now singing about how you are perfect just the way you are.  So I decided to make a blog post, and give some credit to a few of these wonderful and inspirational women.  Now these are listed in no particular order, but I will say that Pink is the first one I recall writing about how you are perfect just as you are, so I think her song should be first don't you?

Did that make you feel good? Not yet huh? Well how about if we go to the next song on my list?
This one is by Meghan Trainor and she is just a riot with her All About That Bass.  We all know what she means by Bass don't we???  Just take off the B if you are a little on the slow side.

Now there are a lot of songs about self love.  But this next one by Mary Lambert is much more than a song, it is an actual movement. One which all of us should try to participate in, especially if we are mothers of young girls.  Girls today need to realize they can be ANYTHING they want to be. They aren't bound by the rules of the misogynistic religious leaders who think that they need to be barefoot and pregnant.  They need to realize that beauty is much more than what is on the outside. They need to realize that not one of those magazine ads they see and love in their teen magazines is a REAL PHOTO! They need to realize that they have all been edited to look nothing at all like the model who is posing for a picture.

Now this is something that is very important to me as the mother of 3 young girls.  So please go forth, and spread the word of Body Love!  Join the Body Love movement!  

And just so you can see that I do not have the perfect body I have decided to post a picture of ME!  As you can see I have the body of a Goddess!  Okay so it isn't the Goddess I wanted to look like, but it still is a Goddess! Sure its the Venus of Willendorf but hey one Goddess to another we all are fabulous darlings!

As Mary Lambert said... 
"You are worth more than a waistline...
You are no less valuable as a size 16 than a size 4, 
you are no less valuable as a 32b than a 36c..."

#LoveMyBody, #BodyLove

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