Saturday, 23 August 2014

It's all about RESPECT!

So there has been an awful storm from the entire Fergusson issue.  I've kept my own council on this entire issue.  But after watching a few videos of what has happened since the death of the young man, I thought that I should speak my mind. Yeah I still have one of those after all the crazy here.

First of all, COPS are PEOPLE!  They are just like you and I, they put their pants on one leg at a time or if they are a teeny tiny bit overweight they may do the squish and wiggle like a lot of us do.  But seriously, if you treat a cop with RESPECT, he will treat you with respect.  Talking to a cop like he is a pig, or treating him like he's nothing will get you a smack down.  Be it a physical altercation or just a ticket is up to you and how hard you push him.  Push him and you WILL be pushed back!

People like Al Sharpton, the NAACP (organization), and all those other racist pigs say it is because he was black.  People who think that the color of your skin has ANY bearing on what happens are just those who wish to keep racism alive.  Where were all of you when that black boy shot the other black boy? Where were you when 5 black youths killed a small black child on a tricycle?  Where were all of you when there is gang violence and animalistic behavior by those in the black community towards other people?


Oh I know where you were, you were all keeping your heads low because you don't want to admit to yourselves that the ONLY people who are still saying "Whites keep the blacks down!" are those who follow YOUR TEACHINGS!!!

We, the white populace, yes I am speaking for all of us crackers, do NOT owe you anything!  We were not alive when your "people" were slaves.  Oh and need I go and give you a history lesson? At one time or another every single nationality of people on this planet were slaves.  Do we hear Egyptians crying out because they were slaves? Nope! Do we hear Jews crying out because they were slaves? Nope!  Do we hear of all the white people who were slaves crying out?  Nope!  Why do you suppose that is?  Well I'll tell you, it is because we realize that WE make our own futures.  Oh and by the way I hate to break it to ya'll but we are ALL SLAVES in the modern age.  We are slaves to our computers, our phones, our internet, and guess who else we are all slaves to,  yep you got it, the MONEY.  It isn't a white or black or yellow or polka skin issue, it is simply we ALL HAVE TO WORK to make ends meet, to pay our bills, to buy our food and pay for our shelter. No one owes you ANYTHING! Get it into your heads! Let it sink in that YOU are keeping racism alive!  You are demanding that people pay for you to live.  You are demanding that you be treated with respect and not kept down by the man.  Yet you go into YOUR community, burn buildings, loot, and riot.  Last time I looked that isn't protesting.  That is you breaking and entering thereby breaking the law. That is you burning down businesses, that is you committing arson.  That is you rioting, which is you bringing out the animalistic nature that all humans should have outgrown by now, and showing just why people treat you with no respect.  If you RESPECT others, they will RESPECT YOU!

So to that end here is an angry black man telling you like it is...  Watch it and maybe you will get something from it.  YOU Have the power to change, and ONLY YOU!  No I can't force you to change, no I can't help you because you believe that the color of your skin makes you different.  Because I don't see that color, all I see is you treating others disrespectfully and then crying about how you are being treated the same way.  
You get what you give in this life!  Deal with it! I know I sure as hell do!

So now that you've seen that video, here is a pointer lesson from Chris Rock on how NOT to get your ass kicked by the Police!  If you don't want to listen to the Angry Black Man, maybe you 'll at least pick up a few pointers from Chris Rock on what NOT to do to the Police...

In the end, It's all about RESPECT!

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