A blog about the things I’m most passionate about: homeschooling, cooking, and everything in between!
I’m a writer and a teacher.  Nothing published yet, but trust me, I’ll let the world know when it finally happens.  I have 4 works in progress and one finished book, that is simply waiting for illustrations to be completed.  Since I am also the one illustrating the book, I can't fire the illustrator for the time it is taking to complete the work.  But someday soon I hope to have the book completed and out for publication and trust me you will find out as soon as that happens.
I review books for Authors and post my reviews on a number of different sites and my book blogs, Recent Reads and Ohana Day Academy.  The first one is for all genres and ages of readers while the second is strictly for children, and young adults. 
I am a stay at home mom who loves to cook, has a cleaning impairment, but can build just about anything and do any craft once she is shown one time.  I love clutter, and thrive in chaos.  I'm happily married to my soul mate who I met in a video game.  We have a nicely blended family with my three girls and his two sons, we could be the Brady Bunch!
If you have any questions about content or need more information please don't hesitate to contact me: email