Sunday, 17 August 2014

Brand New Blog!

So for those of you who know me, you know just how many blogs I have.  Yes I know who needs so many different blogs.  Maybe I just love to ramble?  But seriously, it is simple, I have two blogs specifically for books I read and review, one is for adult level books, one is for YA, children's and infant's books, and this one, my brand new baby is for my ramblings.  Which those who follow me KNOW I love to do.

In this new blog there will be just normal notes about living in a home with the unique personality that our home has displayed.  We have a Corella named Cooper who can't talk, but sure can scream.  We have a cat who is still to this date not named because his name is: Moggy Merica Boo Boo Kitty Fark. No one could decide on a single name, so they all took and he is just known as Tigger or Pussy Kitty.  He answers to just about anything.  Then we have a Cockatiel who is absolutely obsessed with the Adam's family theme and who loves to be fed by her housemate the Lovebird.  Now if you know anything about how birds feed their young, it isn't a nice thing to hear especially since they are both full grown adult male birds.  But they are a bonded pair and such is life.  Oh and the Lovebird in question's name is Jules.  When we purchased him we didn't know if it was a boy or a girl so we went with Jules because my daughter loves Romeo and Juliet, and Jules fits either a boy or a girl.  Then we have two rats, Shorty Porty is my husbands only pet, and Fatty Ratty also known as Dog or Doug is our son's rat.  Notice an issue forming with naming animals?  No one seems to have just one name.  And yes even Cooper has another name, I call him Pooka.

Now I suppose I should list the human members of my household, but they are all so abnormal!  Yes I am including myself in that!  We have my loving and absolutely insane husband, he says I drove him insane, but I think he drove me there.  Then we have the three girls all of whom are still living in the USA.  But I get a few of them here this Christmas which will be a blast!  Cookies for all!  Oh but I digress, then we have two boys, one has moved out of home, and one is still living here and HE is the one who I am sure has driven us all batty!  But seriously, he is the one who will be featured most often on this blog.  Since I am homeschooling him and with all his special learning needs I thought perhaps by journaling our adventures we could come to a better understanding of this unique person whom we call son.

So now we've come full circle so I can tell you what is going to be on this blog.  STUFF!  Everything and anything to do with our family.  There will be photos, paintings, crafting, patterns, recipes and any other thing I can think of to throw up here.  Intermingled with all of that will be things a home schooler may need.  Fabulous links, books, maybe even a review or two if I really think it is a useful thing for a home educator or a child.  There may be affiliate links on the blog at a later date.  That way you can just click a link and it will take you to the site.

And for certain this will be a place full of the strange and sometimes mental musings of a home schooling momma!

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