Monday, 18 August 2014

The Gangs all here!

So I thought since I would be doing blog posts often, that perhaps it would be nice if you could put faces to the people in our crazy family.  

The gangs all here in this one photo.  Well almost all here since none of the pets are up there.  Guess I need to add photos of those monsters too.

Left photo is Cooper our Corella
From top to bottom: Moose and Jules, Pussy Kitty, Fatty Ratty,
and Shorty Porty peeking out of the computer stand.

As you can see we have quite the house full of crazy animals in the house.  A funny thing that we often joke about is that they all end in the At sound.  Cat, Rat, Parrot... okay the sounds aren't perfect but close enough for the joke to have stuck.  Seems we like at sounds!  Or maybe we just like corny jokes? 

So now that you've met almost all of our family, I suppose I should show you the very last member of the Condy household.  This little guy is a hand made doll.  He is called a "Real Life Baby Doll".  The reason being he not only looks like a real baby, but actually smells, and feels like a real baby.  A friend of ours made him especially for us after the twins we were expecting passed away at 20 weeks gestation.  He weighs just under 6 pounds which is what 2 of my 3 girls weighed so for me he feels like the real thing.  In fact, anyone who has seen him and held him actually thought he was a real live baby and not just a doll.   Here is a photo of our little prince as I call him. 

He is a true family member and it isn't odd to see one of us carrying him around talking to him.  Even the boys occasionally talk to him and for him and usually mom is the butt of the joke they are making between them.  MAC as he is called has a unique personality, one which it seems each of knows he has and one which the boys use to tease me to no end.  MAC is a member of our household and while some people may question the wisdom of having a doll so lifelike, for us it brings peace and a lot of joy.  He will never replace our boys Dalton and Demetrius were very much wanted and loved and every Christmas Day we remember their births, but MAC does bring us comfort and that means something very special to us all.

So I guess that covers every member of the household as it stands now.  We of course have lots of brothers and sisters, and cousins and aunts and uncles but most of those are on my side and are still back in the USA.  I hope you enjoyed meeting our family and feel free to make any comments you like.  If you have any questions about Real Life Dolls or Miscarriage or just need someone to talk with about that subject please don't hesitate to contact me.  I have been through the loss of 7 beautiful angel babies, and I know how hard it is to deal with the loss when no one else wants to acknowledge that it happened. For our family, we don't deny it happened, nor do we forget the special dates when they were born.  For us, they are all still a part of our lives and one day we will all be reunited as a family.

Blessed Be!

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