Thursday, 11 September 2014

Slightly twisted and unique!

Things have been CRAZY here for the last week. My husband decided that we are going to head down to Melbourne for a bit of a holiday. Now I have NEVER seen Melbourne, and neither has our son.  So as a home schooling momma I jumped at the chance! And I do literally mean I jumped!  I immediately got up, ran to the old man and hugged him jumping up and down screaming "OH MY GOD CULTURE!!!!"

Now don't get me wrong, I love our little crack in the wall town. It is small, it is friendly, and it is where we live. But there is absolutely NOTHING to do here. Oh sure there is an attempt at a water park, they have a bucket and everything!  There are lots of open areas for the kids to play in during day time hours, even a few playgrounds tossed in for them, you know the kind, a park with one swing.  Yeah like I said its a little crack in the wall town.  The nearest town of any size is hours away.  Sure the city here has a stop light and everything, but it just isn't the same when there is no culture.

Oh but you have the MECC you may be saying.  Suuuurrreee we do.  If you want to pay a fortune to see some guy sing songs that he didn't even write or can sing.  Or maybe the ballet is in town, it really does come to visit once in a while, but it isn't a ballet of any renown.  But hey I guess it is still culture to a degree.

But Melbourne!  Now seriously, THAT is culture! Museums, Zoos, Aquariums, Old Melboure Gaol, Ships, Penguins, oh the list goes on and on!  Did I mention Museums??? Because that is the one thing that I miss living in Australia.  Oh and Zoos and Aquariums too! I miss those as well. Once upon a time, I would take my children at least 4 times a year to each one!  But now living here in Australia, nope can't go, they just aren't around.

So of course Miss crazy home schooling momma jumped at the chance for culture and education!  And what does little man say about this whole trip you may be asking.  Well here is the beginning of the fun...

Little man says, "How long is the drive?"
I say, "About 25 hours."
He says, "oh so we can make it in a day?"
I look at him and say, "How many hours in a day?"
Shrugging he replies, "like 24"
I laugh and say, "Okay so you answered your own question can we make a 25 hour drive in a day?"
Yes I know, but I am always teaching right?
He says, "nah guess not. So are we doing it in two days?"
I laugh and say, "Well actually we are planning on driving for 3 days."
"WHAT?" he cries "how can you make 25 hours be 3 days?"
Laughing I reply, "Easy, the driver needs sleep and we thought hotels would be cool for you to stay in."
Shrugging he says "yeah okay."

Now mind you the little man has NEVER been outside of this city. Never been to a zoo, never been to an aquarium, never been to a museum, and never drove in a car for days.  Nor has he ever ridden on a train, a tram, a bus, or anything other than a car.

I tell him for his school work I want him to research Melbourne and find out stuff he would like to do and we will have dad do that as well, and I will do it and whatever is on ALL the lists we will definitely do, and anything on just one we will think about.  I thought that was pretty fair right?

So an hour later he comes in with his list.  It goes something like this...

I want to go to Black Light Miniture Golf, I'm not sure I like golf because I think hitting a ball around would be pretty boring but I think it might be cool.

I want to go to Lazer Tag Skirmish, this sounds pretty cool and mum even used to play before she came to here.

I want to go to Bowling, I really like bowling I think I won last time.

I'd love to go to the Melbourne Zoo; I'd really love to go there because there would be so many animals and I can play with the meerkats if mum lets me.

(oh finally something educational, all is not lost!!!)

IMAX; I'd REALLY want to see movies here!

Okay so his list looks nothing at all like MY list... My list goes a little like this:

Check in Hotel
Hosier Lane to see Graffiti art.
St. Patricks Cathedral
St. Paul's Cathedral
Melbourne Star

Melbourne Zoo
Queen Victoria Market
River Tour

Melbourne Museum
Cooks Cottage

Melbourne Aquarium
Old Melbourne Gaol
Polly Woodside Tall ship

Eureka Tower
Black Light Mini Golf

Okay so my list does have a couple things his didn't have... um okay a LOT of things his didn't have.
I showed him my list.

His reply was epic! "Oh heck mom, I already knew we would be going to the Jail, the ships, the museums, the aquarium so I didn't write them down. I know how you think."

Hmmmm is anyone else afraid that their kid knows how they think?  Well if you weren't you probably should be! I know it terrifies me!

But seriously, it looks like everything on his list costs a bloody fortune! As in 40 to 100 dollars per person.  Needless to say, we can't afford that.  The things on my list, I either have coupons for or have a deal for, so hence why they are on the list.  But it made me feel good to know that my son actually has no problem going to the places I miss, and want to go see.

Meanwhile the Old man, is excited about being in Victoria, about going away, and about seeing the museum, because he "Likes the smell of museums."  *shrugs* Never smelled anything unique in museums, but hey maybe my sense of smell is off.

So I probably will be blasting the page when I get back with a ton of photos from our holiday trips.

But here is the funny part.  We are taking bub with us.  He always goes camping with us. He is after all part of the family.  But he is also a doll.  He has his own little seat in the car, his own little suitcase, and his own little personality.  But Paul wants to take him to see the sights and take photos of him at the various locations.  At first I thought well, that seems a bit odd. But the more I thought about it, I thought how fun it could be posing him on the various places real kids can't sit on.  So looks like the bub is going to be taking a trip to Melbourne as our Family Home School Mascot, and having his photo done, or photo bombing his brother.

*evil grin* yeah I know that is so mean, especially since lil man is finally showing an interest in something other than video games.  But even he thinks it will be fun to take his buddy along with us.  Thank god I still have my old baby carrier. Maybe everyone will think he is just a sleeping baby.  hehehe

Nope not insane, just think that having a family mascot is a really unique and slightly twisted idea that suits our family to a T!

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